Answers follow questions follow answers... 

Questions are invitations to explore your ideas and spark your imagination.  With every question you gain information and clarity about situations and increase alternate paths.  

Sometimes others'  perspectives and opinions are helpful. I conduct further research and interviews on your behalf - broading the  horizon and multiplying options.  

Working together towards achievable g0als. 

Challenges are specific and solutions do not translate perfectly from one business to another. I work closely with you and your staff to develop a customised approach to reach your goals.

We approach each challenge together with your available resources in mind, designing the process accordingly.  

Understanding change as process - initiate, moderate, facilitate.  

Facilitating change means coaching and advising you through identifying organisational needs in terms of culture, structure, processes and all relevant parameters of change. 

My expertise is to support you through stages of analysis, using tried and tested methods to deliver efficient and consistent results. My objective is to ensure a high level of identification by your peers. 

As much as needed, as little as necessary.

The chosen and applied methods are aligned with the challenge at hand. Together, we assess which goals are to be achieved in which time frame and which processes support reaching those goals.