Expert coaching and consultancy - customized to meet your needs. 

Drawing on my experience in leading management positions and applying tested and tried methods, I design a process customized to meet your purposes. 


Coaching: live or online!

Individual Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process for assisting individuals to maximize their potential and achieve what matters to them.

Partnering with you to identify your underlying sense of purpose and core values, I assist you in gaining a fresh perspective  on your palette of talents, skills and potentials. 

Group Coaching

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Organisational agility is today's answer to dynamic times. More than ever, organisations rely on self-organised teams. Team coaching helps teams enhance their capabilities, reduce conflicts and increase productivity by actively reflecting communication, group dynamics,  roles, responsibilities and work processes.

Executive Onboarding

Entering your new role with a 360 degree perspective.

Every new position is full of adventure and challenges! My executive onboarding programm supports your personal growth as you actively design your future role. 


Strategic Positioning

Your organisation it at a crossroads where rediscovering purpose and regaining focus of your strategic direction is a must. 

Applying tested and tried methods and processes, we assess your needs and potentials and pave the path to positive change. 

Organisational Development & Change Projects

You need to transfer a new vision into reality, are restructuring your organisation, implementing new instruments, need to lower costs... 

Activating all concerned parties and applying creative methods, we align structural, cultural and strategic realities of work to respond to the needs of an ever-evolving environment. 


Concept Development

You have challenges or questions related to the arts & culture, the art market, events or fair development, your organisational development or project management, fundraising, brand positioning, etc.

Methods include screening initial ideas, peer interviews, profound research and analysis, trainings, workshops, presentations and papers.